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*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 20/08/2022 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Aircraft and Aviation

Jade Equipment Finance provides finance to the aviation industry for the purchase of aircraft and other equipment. We appreciate that aviation businesses must comply with many strict operational regulations. You don’t need restrictive, inflexible finance adding to your business pressures.


Versatile, popular and negating the need for multiple machines to carry out certain tasks, backhoes are a common site on construction sites, in mining areas and on rural properties across Australia. The popularity of these machines means Jade Equipment Finance is regularly sourcing finance for clients purchasing either a single unit or multiple backhoe machines to upgrade their fleet.

Beauty Equipment

Beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry globally and has shown sharp growth in recent years as technology, research and development delivers new products and procedures to a growing customer base. 


Upgrading, replacing, expanding your fleet or starting out with a new machine, Jade Equipment Finance offers great bobcat loans with cheapest interest rates available. Our great bobcat loans are tailored to your individual specs, focussing on your financial objectives and projected cash flow to ensure your purchase is cost effective for the entire term of the loan.


Bulldozers are the workhorses in many industries and called on to carry out a never-ending range of tasks in general business and during disaster and recovery missions. This wide use makes the bulldozer an ‘in-demand’ machine and Jade Equipment Finance is regularly sourcing great loan offers for bulldozer operators.

Catering and Kitchen Plant

If you’re setting up a new hospitality venue or catering business or need to replace your catering and kitchen equipment in an existing business, Jade Equipment Finance has a number of financial solutions to offer.

CAT - Caterpillar Machinery

CAT equipment is one of the most common sights on building, construction and mining sites across Australia. With a product range in excess of over 300 machines, it is not surprising that Caterpillar is the leader in their industry and a popular choice for many Jade Equipment Finance customers.


Wood chippers have to be one of the most underrated pieces of machinery. They may only have one specific purpose, unlike excavators and dozers, but wow, that is a very useful purpose. Quickly and efficiently turning unwanted and useless dead timber and branches into useful mulch and other material so that land is clear for a productive use.

CNC Machinery

Truck financing is a key area of business for Jade Equipment Finance and we have developed, refined and streamlined our commercial truck financing to specifically suit the trucking and transport industry.

Truck & Trailer

Truck financing is a key area of business for Jade Equipment Finance and we have developed, refined and streamlined our commercial truck financing to specifically suit the trucking and transport industry.

Computer and IT

Technology is a major part of just about every aspect of our lives and in many cases, the actual tools of trade for many businesses. An online presence is essential to business existence, operating with the latest software systems not only improves productivity it keeps us competitive and for communications, up-to-date, secure and reliable computer systems mitigate risk across the business landscape.

Concrete Pumps

If you’ve taken full advantage of the construction boom and need to upgrade your concrete pump or you need an additional agitator to expand your fleet to take on more work, then Jade Equipment Finance is the specialist finance broker to arrange your concrete pump equipment loan.

Construction Equipment

If you in the market to purchase new equipment to work on a big, new contract congratulations. If you are having to replace broken, malfunctioning or updated gear just to stay in business, commiserations. Whatever the reason behind the purchase, we have got your back with great commercial equipment finance options.


Purchasing a new crane requires significant due diligence, whether considering a new or a second hand model. With a number of leading manufacturers offering a range of models, the decision may come down to suiting your specific purpose, price, availability or personal preference.

Dental Equipment

Jade Equipment Finance appreciate the importance of dental services to the health of the community and we fully support dental practices with the best finance deals on new equipment.


If you’re in the market for a new digger, perhaps you need it asap to complete a job you were in the middle of when yours broke down. Perhaps you need a digger to diversify your services to capture a lucrative part of the market. Possibly you’re looking for a start as a contractor and see potential as an operator + digger machine business.

Drilling Machinery

Drilling a hole in metal, wood or any other material, drilling for foundations, drilling on the surface or drilling deep below the earth or ocean – whatever you’re work involves, Jade Equipment Finance offers great drilling equipment loans.

Engineering Plant & Machinery

Whether it’s heavy duty equipment for an engineering and machining workshop or sophisticated, technical equipment for an engineering practice, Jade Equipment Finance offers great equipment loans.


An experienced finance broker, Jade Equipment Finance provides commercial loan products for the purchase of excavators and excavation equipment in many industry sectors. In fact, heavy machinery finance is one of our key specialties and our expertise in sourcing great finance for earth moving, excavators, trucks and other heavy equipment is renowned.

Fit Outs

Fitting out new premises or refurbishing your existing offices can be a major investment decision and quite a stressful experience. Dealing with multiple contractors, making a myriad of decisions in regard to materials, fittings, design elements, furnishings and juggling the changing costs and variations along the way can rattle even the most organised and controlled people.


When you need loads moved easily and efficiently in and out of containers, around the warehouse, manufacturing facility or workshop, in the yard, on the worksite a forklift is essential. But the efficiency of your forklift can be seriously impaired within the overall scope of your business performance, if the purchase is not financed with an effective finance package.


In some environments, a generator is essential equipment to keep your life operating as the sole source of power. In other instances, it may be used for emergency purposes and in construction and industrial applications, on film sets and on-site to operate key equipment where the existing power is insufficient.

Gym & Fitness

Health, fitness and wellness is a burgeoning industry and customers are pushing service providers and operators to constantly deliver them outstanding results.


If you’re in the market for a new header and harvester machinery, Jade Equipment Finance is available to source you a great loan. As a finance broker, we support the agricultural sector with a comprehensive selection of commercial loan products to suit every business structure – the owner-operator farm, larger multi-property concerns and large-scale properties operated at a corporate level.

Logging Machinery

Jade Equipment Finance are experts in providing effective finance solutions to the logging and forestry industry. Heavy equipment is one of our key specialty areas and we have consultants dedicated to the sector who are not only highly trained and experienced in finance, but across the logging industry also.

Laundry Plant & Machinery

If your setting-up or currently operate a commercial laundry business or an on-premise laundry facility in a medical facility, aged care facility, school, hotel, hospitality or similar industry, then you no doubt need to replace your washing machines and dryers on a fairly regular basis.

Machinery Finance

You might think the machinery you are considering purchasing is so obscure, unusual or purpose-built that no one in the lending sector could get their head around what you are talking about, let alone have a finance package to suit. Sorry to contradict you, but you are wrong.

Manufacturing Equipment

The Australian manufacturing sector has been under great pressure over recent times, especially from overseas competition and other global factors. As an Australian company, Jade Equipment Finance fully understands the local business environment and provides support for manufacturing businesses with the best commercial loan deals available.

Mining Machinery

Jade Equipment Finance is a specialist heavy machinery finance broker with extensive expertise and experience in financing for the mining and resources sector.

Office Equipment

Setting up a new office, refurbishing your existing set-up, expanding your operations or upgrading individual items, Jade Equipment Finance is ideally placed to provide you with a commercial loan product to finance your office equipment.

Photocopier Loans

Jade Equipment Finance offers a full range of commercial finance products for the purchase of photocopiers. Whether you’re purchasing new or second-hand, standard stock models or highly specialised copying equipment, your Jade consultant can structure a loan to suit your purchase and your business.

Printing Equipment

Digital technologies, developments in materials and processes, as well as changes in communications other advances have seen a massive transformation of the printing industry. 

Riding Mower Financing

Jade Equipment Finance provides finance for businesses purchasing ride-on mowers. Businesses that operate in landscaping, agricultural, grounds-keeping, golf clubs, garden maintenance businesses, sporting organisations with playing fields to prepare, building maintenance operators amongst others are welcome to take full advantage of our services for a great finance deal.

Sheet Metal Machinery

As a sheet metal workshop owner, you’ll greatly appreciate the knowledge of your Jade Equipment Finance consultant when you enquire about a loan on new equipment. Unlike some banks and finance companies, we are heavily involved in providing loans for the industrial and manufacturing sector.

Technology Equipment

Keeping abreast of technology advances in any industry can be a major occupation. Regularly updating, upgrading and upskilling new tech into your business can be a major financial consideration. 


Through the heady days of high yields and market-high prices and through the toughest seasons, Jade Equipment Finance continues to provide support for the agricultural sector with cost-effective loans on all types of equipment, especially the all-essential tractor.

Tree Care and Arborist Services

Tree services are in big demand across much of Australia, especially in the major cities. Property owners are regularly calling on professional services to prune and remove trees, especially clearing branches around power lines, lopping branches that are dangerous or pose a risk, trimming and tidying and finishing the job with stump grinding, mulching and even land clearing.

Veterinary Medical Finance

Veterinarians are much admired and respected as people entrust their much-loved pets into your care. For many conditions and procedures, specialist equipment is required and vet practices need to upgrade to embrace new technologies. If you’re establishing a new veterinary practice, expanding to meet the demand in your area, or need to replace obsolete equipment, Jade Equipment Finance is here to help you with a great equipment loan.

Waste and Recycling

Jade Equipment Finance provides a comprehensive selection of commercial loan products to the waste management and environmental services industry and for companies installing their own waste and recycling equipment. For a growing, yet complex sector, Jade makes the process of purchasing, upgrading and replacing waste and recycling equipment a simple and streamlined task.

Woodworking Plant & Machinery

Jade With more and more people embracing sustainability and a greater appreciation of and preference for products made from sustainable natural materials, many of our woodworking business clients are preparing for business growth. Jade Equipment Finance is well prepared with woodworking equipment loans to support that growth.

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