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Software Finance - Computer & IT Loans

9 Aug Today's
best rate
Finance Equipment From
5.49 %
*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 20/08/2022 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Compare Jade’s Cheap Interest Rate on Different Finance Products

Your software acquisition may be financed through a choice of loan products. This comparison calculator allows you to compare the Jade interest rates across our loan portfolio. It also allows you to calculate repayment estimates by entering the data around your software loan requirements. For an exact quote on your loan, please call us on 1300 000 003 or apply online.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
New Equipment Loan
5.49% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Used Older Secured Equipment Loan
6.49% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Business Loans - Unsecured
10.99% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Business Loans - Secured
6.99% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Overdraft - Non Bank
13.95% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Chattel Mortgage
5.49% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Operating Leases
5.49% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Commercial Hire Purchase
5.49% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Rent To Own
13.95% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Loan Product Interest Rate
Starts at:
Monthly Repayment
New Equipment Loan 5.49%
Used Older Secured Equipment Loan 6.49%
Business Loans - Unsecured 10.99%
Business Loans - Secured 6.99%
Overdraft - Non Bank 13.95%
Chattel Mortgage 5.49%
Operating Leases 5.49%
Commercial Hire Purchase 5.49%
Rent To Own 13.95%
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DISCLAIMER: The interest rates shown may not include all the fees and charges which apply to software finance or to your particular loan application. This calculator is provided for general purposes only and is not a finance application form. The results calculator do not indicate a loan approval or a loan quote. Any finance quote that you are offered may vary from the interest rates and repayments shown.All interest rates are commercial more than 50% business use. For consumer interest rates please contact our office 1300 000 003

Jade supports businesses with finance for all types of equipment and materials including major investments in software. While some lenders may only finance the cost of computer hardware, we can assist with finance for both hardware and software.

Software is vital to most business operations and with providers constantly updating, combined with increasing demands for improved data security, the need for companies to invest in new software more regularly is escalating.

The cost of both stock and custom software systems can be a major expenditure. Especially if it needs to be rolled out, installed and integrated across multiple sites and involves the training of many staff members. For smaller businesses, even smaller software purchases can represent a significant purchase.

At Jade, we operate with advanced IT resources and we fully appreciate the financial challenges faced by companies in regard to the purchase of new software.

To facilitate the ease of purchase, we provide cost-effective finance which is structured to work with your cash flow and to meet your productivity and ROI targets.

Finance Types

As full service finance brokers, we provide the full range of commercial finance products:-

  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Asset Leasing
  • Asset Rental

Your accounting method, treatment of GST and tax and balance sheet approach will determine which is most suited to your business. We advise you consult with your accountant on this matter.

Your Jade consultant will work with you to structure a finance package for your software, which includes:

More Lenders, More Choices, More Flexible Finance

Jade is accredited with many banks and lenders, so we have more choices to source you the best deal. If you have specific reasons for wanting your bank to provide you funding, your Jade consultant can approach your bank and handle the deal on your behalf.

Your Jade consultant is working for you in negotiating the best interest rates, best finance terms and using our strong bargaining power to get you the finance package conditions that will work for you.

We work with customers in many industries which has allowed us to develop a knowledge base across many sectors. In addition to having expertise in the specifics around finance for software, we will no doubt also have an understanding of your particular industry. We’ll take the time to listen to how your business operates, what you hope to achieve with your software purchase and structure your finance to meet your requirements.

There is no-obligation to accept our finance offer, so give us a call.

Speak with a Jade Consultant to discuss a financing solution for your software purchase requirements. Call 1300 000 003

SoftwareFinance Calculator

Making use of this calculator is based on the person's understanding and undertaking that the estimated payments presented does not specify a finance quote; it does not suggest an application for any kind of financing has actually been lodged; it is not an implication that any type of finance application has been approved. The formatting of this device does not allow for certain details pertaining to any type of certain personal finance application or any lending institution fees and costs. It is formatted to generate a general outcome based on basic info and also values only.
After lodging a formal loan application, the quote as well as payment amounts that you might be given may differ from the loan quote calculated by this Calculator.
The gadget is not appropriate for estimations on loans that are established on an interest just basis. The format is simply established to compound the calculated interest rate for a chosen period based on the amounts input by the site visitor.
The calculator is not planned as a tool for finance decision-making. Users that require finance advice ought to seek out a specialist economic consultant in relation to their personal circumstances. To make an application for a loan and also acquire a quote based upon your personal requirements, the user has to get in touch with Jade as well as have their personal application reviewed by among our Jade experts.

Finance Calculator Disclaimer

Software Finance FAQs

Digital readiness has become an essential for business to interact and conduct business and as important cyber security measures. Businesses are continually needing to both install new IT systems and upgrade existing systems to meet their customer expectations, provide a range of online services and provide security for their operations. Engineering and manufacturing operations are highly computerised and the software is required as a necessary ‘tool of their trade’. Jade Equipment Finance includes software in our equipment finance category and answer some of your queries in this FAQs section.

Are there any particular software developers or products that cannot be finance?   

The category of software encompasses a vast and expanding range of systems and programs with new companies and new technologies continually emerging into the market. In general terms, finance is available for the purchase and installation of software systems with no specific differentiation based on type of program, developer or supplier. It may be a computerised warehousing system, engineering software for CNC and other computerised systems, security and surveillance, business administration systems, controls and programs for all sorts of purposes and product creation. Generally no line is drawn in regard to type or brand, individual lenders have thresholds in regard to the minimum amount they will loan on any type of equipment.

Can I include the installation and integration costs in my software finance deal?   

Yes it is highly possible to include the costs associated with the installation of software system in your loan. Complex systems often require specialist technicians to install new software systems and integrate with existing programs and systems. This can be a significant cost so it is well worth considering including this as well as the purchase price into the one loan. When combining different items into the one finance package, they would need to be purchased concurrently so the loan could be appropriately quoted and structured. Issues are quite likely to arise if a borrower wants to add items acquired into an existing loan contract after the finance deal has been finalised. If you’re in two minds about whether or not to combine both into the one loan, use our equipment finance calculator to see estimated repayments on the software cost only and software plus installation.

Can I combine hardware and software in the one loan?   

Yes. If you are investing in both new computer hardware and software systems at the same time, the one loan quote should be possible which covers both acquisitions. If purchasing from different suppliers but concurrently, this should be possible for many applicants. By combining both purchases in a finance deal you only have the one rather than two repayments to manage each month. This may greatly streamline your own accounts system. In comparing one or two separate loans - if you select the same finance product for each loan it would be at the same interest rate so there would not be any difference in the loans. By having the one rather than two you should be able to save on loan establishments fees. 

Can I get pre approved finance?   

Definitely. Pre-approved finance is a smart way to go and can be arranged across all equipment sectors. By having your loan pre approved you know the dollar amount you are approved for and roughly what your repayments will be. So you can plan the purchase to suit the loan. The interest rate on pre approved and standard timed loans is the same and the application process is virtually identical. The key difference is that the loan is sourced based essentially on how much you think your software will cost rather than on a seller’s invoice or bill of sale. 

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