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Commercial Cargo Trailer Loans - Jade Equipment Finance

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*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 20/08/2022 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Specialist Cargo Trailer Financing

A truck owner calls the finance company or bank and asks for a loan for a 2 x 4 Dolly. No, there is no punch line because the bank had absolutely no idea what their long term customer was talking about. Sound familiar to your own experience? Truck cargo trailers do have some unusual names from flattop, bogie, skeletal, dog, double dog, swingwing. But when it is your hard earned at stake, you expect that the person or company organising the finance will have at least some idea of what you are actually purchasing.

An understanding of the type of trailer you are buying at least gives you a level of confidence that you will be matched to the appropriate loan or finance package. And in a nutshell, that is one of the main reasons that experienced truck operators skip the bank and go straight to Jade Equipment Finance for their trailer financing deals.

To cater specifically for the business plant and machinery market, we established our specialist to arrange lending deals for a wide range of equipment. Our expert consultants are specialists, dealing with business operators purchasing unusual equipment on a daily basis. We stay up to date with both the truck and trailer market so we can hitch our clients to the right loan package.


We are not transport operators but we do know there is a big difference from say buying a 9 ton heavy duty single axle tag trailer for $19,500 to a dolly tri axle at $45,000 and a B double edging up to the $300,000 price tag.

We provide finance for the full range of trailers drop deck Pantech, low loader, tilt tray, refrigerated, and we match you and your trailer to the finance package that suits.

Cargo Trailer Loan Options

While there is not, literally speaking, as many finance options as there are trailer types, in one sense there actually is because Jade Equipment Finance customise each offer to suit the customer requirements.

For start ups, owner operator, small businesses, medium sized fleets or large corporate operations, the most popular finance packages are Chattel mortgage, leasing, equipment rental or commercial hire purchase (CHP).

But within each of these loan types, your Jade consultant has the flexibility to set the repayment amount, the length of the loan or repayment terms and even the residual or balloon to suit your individual preferences, subject to approval of course.

If you have landed a lucrative contract you may choose higher repayments over a shorter time period while you have a good flow of income to get the trailer paid off as soon as possible. If you are looking more to the long term, then a longer repayment term could be more attractive.

Making an Informed Decision On Equipment Financing

Critical to every financial decision is that you are fully informed of all aspects of the finance deal to be confident in accepting the quote we offer you. Do not worry, your Jade consultant will outline all the details to you in terms you can understand.

If you are shopping around for finance, then make sure you compare like with like. Fixating on interest rates alone is the wrong way to compare offers as the rate makes up only part of the overall package. For more information on comparing finance packages and interest rates in particular, read our articles on the subject or discuss with a Jade consultant.

To ensure your business is on the right track, you can be assured that Jwe will arrange with the best finance package for your trailer. No matter the size, type, age and whether you are purchasing from a dealer, auction or private seller.

To discuss your trailer purchase finance in more detail, just call Jade Equipment Finance on 1300 000 003 and for a quick ballpark quote, use our online equipment lease calculator.

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