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Plant and Machinery Loans Australia

Limiting your loan options to just one bank or one lender is limiting your business growth and investment opportunities. Jade breaks those limitations by offering you more lenders, more options and more chances to reduce your financing costs.

We deliver highly competitive and workable funding offers for plant, machinery and business machinery acquisitions, both new and second-hand. Offers from a wide selection of banks and lenders with your choice of commercial finance products, flexible terms and conditions and our signature low interest rates.

With most banks and lending facilities available to us, we can broaden your options to secure better finance deals that support your business.

We will support your business beyond just one loan. Moving forward, as a respected client we can work with you to revitalise your operation with cheaper, more affordable finance options across multiple areas.

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Across Loan Types - Compare Our Cheap Interest Rates

Use our online finance calculator for a repayment estimate on the equipment you need to grow your business. It’s easy to use, it’s free and it’s your first step to the affordable finance you expect and deserve.

Jade achieves cheap interest rates across our loan portfolio. Use this chart to see the different rates applicable to our different finance categories and enter your loan data for a repayment estimate. Use this as a reference and call us for a quick quote that exactly meets your finance requirements. We can assist with:

  • Secured and Unsecured Available
  • 7yr Loan Terms Available
  • Self-Employed Low Doc Available
  • No Deposit
  • Fixed Low Rates
  • Balloon Repayment Options
  • Early Payments Options
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Elevate Your Machinery Financing with Our Expertise

We do not just want you to have an equipment loan, we want you as a client going forward for cheaper options across all your financing needs

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Cheap equipment loan interest rates

With our superior negotiating skills, our strong bargaining power across multiple lenders and our determination to deliver the best deals for our customers. We work in your best interests to get you the best rates.

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Using Jade is the right decision

We work in your best interests, not to appease shareholders, share prices or meet targets and make profits for big financial institutions. We want to make profits for you, our customers. We are a well-established, Australian-owned company with extensive expertise and vast experience in providing workable financial solutions for Australian businesses, from the smallest owner-operators to large corporations. Our consultants are licensed accredited professionals who will guide, assist and support you through the loan process, empowering you with the information, and great loan deals, to make informed financial decisions. Credit is a cost to business but it does not have to be a burden that limits your potential. Jade ensures that every loan offer we make is a workable solution that will benefit your business.

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A company that delivers

Whatever industry you operate in, whatever equipment, plant and machinery you need to run your business, Jade can assist with finance. We have expertise in Truck and trailer, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil, Commercial Marine, IT and computers, Office, Medical Finance, Manufacturing, Industrial Plant and many more.

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Effortlessly improve your equipment ownership with our machinery finance solutions

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Diverse financing options for equipments

Explore our extensive selection of equipment financing solutions, encompassing construction machinery, industrial equipment, office technology, medical devices, and beyond. Our commitment is to provide you with access to top-tier loan solutions, all tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Nationwide coverage purchases

Our nationwide coverage offers customers the added advantage of a company that can facilitate their equipment purchase, regardless of their location in Australia or the whereabouts of the desired vehicle.

In today's market, where online platforms play a dominant role in sales, your Jade consultant can assist not only with your loan but also with other aspects of the transaction.

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Expertise and in-depth knowledge

Our extensive customer base celebrates our expertise and profound understanding of the financing and machinery industries. What distinguishes us is our capacity to source and compare top-notch loans at competitive rates, complemented by our unmatched negotiation skills and unwavering commitment to delivering the finest outcomes for our customers.

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Years of experience with credits and lendings

With extensive experience in delivering enhanced credit and lending solutions to our clients within the machinery industry, Jade has nurtured a robust network, granting us access to a multitude of loan providers and financial institutions. This enables us to comprehensively assess hundreds of available loan products. Our profound expertise in machinery financing allows us to skillfully identify and secure the ideal product tailored to your specific requirements.

Jade Equipment Finance FAQs

The purchase of equipment and machinery can be a major acquisition for a business, requiring extensive research and consideration of both the equipment selection and the finance options. Jade Equipment Finance provides not only cost-effective finance solutions but also a wealth of information and resources to assist businesses of all types and sizes. These FAQs expand on the details in our web pages and address key concerns that you may share with others. For more direct responses, please contact us and speak with one of our consultants on 1300 000 003

  • For commercial finance facilities available for the purchase of business equipment and machinery include Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, Commercial Hire Purchase and Rent to Own loans. In addition, specialised services for businesses that do not meet all the requirements usually required for commercial finance by banks and other lenders are available. These services cover No Docs Loans, Low Docs Loans, ABN only Loans and options for Bad Credit Loans. While major finance products are based on a secured loan structure, there are possible options for unsecured loans where a secured loan is not available.

  • It is possible to include the costs associated with the delivery and commissioning of equipment and machinery in your loan package. In the case of some items of machinery, these costs can be quite significant and businesses are seeking to conserve their cash reserves by incorporating all expenses into their loan. An all-up finance package that is structured to work with your cash flow can be negotiated with the lender. If you are looking to include these costs in your finances, the expenses would need to be included concurrently with the purchase invoice to the lender. Adding items into a loan after the finance deal has been finalised is a different scenario.

  • Yes. In most if not all requests we receive for equipment financing, businesses are seeking a loan for the full purchase price of the equipment. This is also referred to as no deposit finance as the lender does not request that the buyer pay a deposit. Finance is sourced based on the full purchase price and in some cases plus costs involved with the delivery and installation of the equipment. By including 100% of the purchase price, business owners can conserve existing cash reserves and maximise the tax benefits derived from the finance product. By utilising the balloon or residual element of the loan, businesses can reduce the monthly repayments to a level that works with their cash flow. Effectively paying any deposit at the conclusion of the loan term rather than utilising cash for a deposit upfront. In some cases of special application categories such as bad credit loans and no docs low docs loans, a lender may request that the applicant reduce the overall total of the loan.

  • There are lenders that provide specialised services including Bad Credit Equipment Finance. This type of loan is not available through all lenders, especially banks. There are non-bank lenders who tend to be more flexible when assessing some loan applications. Bad credit loan applications are assessed on an individual basis. This type of loan may attract additional conditions to a standard equipment financing deal such as stricter criteria, property ownership, additional security and other inclusions.

  • Cheaper interest rates on equipment finance can be achieved by some lenders for a range of reasons. These include but are not limited to perhaps dealing with a broker who has accreditation with a large number of lenders – both major banks and non-bank lenders. By having more choices we have a greater range of options to source the best deal at the cheapest rates. Access to non-bank lenders that often operate only through industry-only channels. This category of lender often specialises in a particular industry and as such has a better understanding of the equipment being acquired and the conditions pertaining to that industry. With this level of knowledge, they are often better positioned to offer better interest rates. Non-bank lenders may tend to be far more flexible in negotiating on interest rates than say a major bank that often has to adhere to strict corporate loan guidelines. Brokers have the bargaining power to push harder for cheaper rates on behalf of customers.

How we have helped Australians like you

Rory Johnson
Rory Johnson
Great company to deal with. Clear, fast, communication, not pushy, let us know exactly what to expect and when - and this wasn’t the simplest financing. Would definitely use Jade again. Lucas always returned my calls quickly and was onto the paperwork and financial requirements, no delays, no waiting. Very happy.
chris spinner
chris spinner
Excellent service, Scott looked for the best rate and was prompt to answer all our questions and solved all our problems!!! Highly recommend
As a new business owner specialising in disability I was looking for a new vehicle specific to my requirements. Being a new business has made it very difficult to obtain finance purely from the perspective of how long Id been trading and income. I was put onto Matt. He was amazing. I felt extremely comfortable going through all my business requirements with him. He actively listened, was honest and realistic and worked tirelessly to get the best outcome for my business. Matt returned phone calls when he said he would, he was patient and nothing was ever a problem. I would most definitely recommend these guys because of Matt. Through Matts help he has been able to also make the lives of my participants that much better. So to Matt at Jade finance Mind UR Health gives a big shout out to you for your outstanding customer service, understanding and patients. I will most definitely be recommending you specifically and coming back as the the business grown. Thanks again. Regards the team at Mind UR Health.

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