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Heavy machinery can be financed through a number of the loan products offered by Jade. Use this reference table to quickly compare interest rates that we are achieving on our different finance products. Enter your loan amount and the term you would like for your loan to see a repayment estimate based on the interest rates as indicated. Contact us for a firm quote.

Compare Heavy Machinery Interest Rates and Loans

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Why Use Jade Equipment Loans?

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Cheap equipment loan interest rates

With our superior negotiating skills, our strong bargaining power across multiple lenders and our determination to deliver the best deals for our customers. We work in your best interests to get you the best rates.
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Using Jade is the right decision

We prioritise your interests, not shareholders or financial targets. As an established Australian-owned company, we bring extensive expertise to provide practical financial solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our licensed consultants are dedicated professionals who guide you through the loan process, empowering you with information and excellent deals. We believe credit should enhance, not burden, your business, ensuring every loan offer is a beneficial solution for your success.
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A company that delivers

Whatever industry you operate in, whatever equipment, plant and machinery you need to run your business, Jade can assist with finance. We have expertise in Truck and trailer, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil, Commercial Marine, IT and computers, Office, Medical Finance, Manufacturing, Industrial Plant and many more.
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Lawn Mower Finance – Ride-on, Riding, Tractor

We do lawn mower finance! Yes, Jade provides loans to a wide range of businesses for the purchase of professional lawn mowing equipment used in many applications. It can be one mower, mower plus the associated accessories and ancillary equipment or an entire fleet of mowing equipment to set up or upgrade your existing machinery.

Businesses such as landscaping, gardening services, agricultural operations, rural property owners and managers, sporting organisations, ground-keeping operators, building maintenance operators and others are welcome to contact us to arrange cheap lawn mower loans.

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Cheapest Lawn Mower Interest Rates

The interest rate is the key element in lending. It is not the only aspect to take into consideration but it is the biggie when it comes to what the loan is going to cost you. Achieving the cheapest interest rate across our range of finance products is our priority.

We have built our business model on a better interest rate promise and we have consistently achieved that priority objective over our decades in the equipment lending business. The interest rates on different lending facilities vary but we work hard to maintain our rates at the cheapest levels across our portfolio.

We achieve these impressive results through a dogged determination to ensure our customers receive the most affordable deals and our hard work in establishing and maintaining an imposing selection of accreditations with leading financial providers.

Our fully trained and licensed financial professionals are shrewd negotiators and we use the strength of our bargaining power with our lender panel to ensure we achieve better interest rates on every deal.

Check out and compare the current rates we are achieving across our portfolio with our online equipment finance interest rates and contact us to see what better mower loan deal we can achieve for your business.

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Our full range of finance options is available so businesses can select the option that best suits their setup, their objectives and their accounting arrangements:

The finance products differ in respect to the way each treats GST, the tax-deductible elements, who retains ownership of the mower throughout the loan term, the suitability to either the cash or accruals accounting method and the all-important factor – interest rates! Across the lending sector, Equipment Chattel Mortgage and CHP attract the lowest interest rates while rental attracts the highest and leasing is among those.

But before jumping in to opt for the lowest interest rate finance facility, we highly recommend that business owners refer to their accountants to advise them on which loan type will deliver the optimum benefit to their business. (Don’t worry too much about the interest rate, we’ve got all loan products with our cheaper interest rates across the board.)

Business loan applications typically require a range of information about the business to be provided. This information is known as docs which are short for documents. These docs can include business income tax returns, BAS statements, annual business accounts, bank statements and other records which show the performance of the operation. If a business is in the process of setting up or has not been established for a long period, the owners will not have accumulated the required docs. When applying for lending from some lenders, having no docs can instantly mean no loan.

With us, no docs mean – no problem. We are accredited with a vast and diverse selection of lending providers. We have strategically sought accreditations from non-bank lenders that are known for their flexibility and preparedness to offer finance to businesses without all the documents required by many others.

There are minimal requirements for this type of loan category, but our cheap interest rates can be achieved and extremely favourable terms and conditions negotiated. Find out more on our No Doc Equipment Loans page or cut straight to requesting a quote.

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If you have some but not all of the docs requested for an application, you may fit the category of Low Doc Equipment Loan application. This differs from No Doc in the quality and quantity of information and records you can provide. The more docs, usually the more favourable the loan conditions.

If your application is approved, you can select from the range of loan products for your mower purchase. Your Jade consultant will handle all aspects of the low doc mower loan on your behalf – sourcing and negotiating the cheapest equipment finance rates quote from across our lender network, handling the lender liaison requirements, assisting you with the paperwork and managing the settlement process.

Contact us for an obligation free discussion of your requirements.

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While many lenders will not even engage in discussions with businesses seeking bad credit, we are a different type of lender. We not only engage in discussions but we utilise all our resources, loan provider accreditations and expertise to source as effective a solution as is possible. Bad credit loans for lawn mower purchase are possible and your consultant will work hard to achieve a workable outcome to meet your requirements.

All bad credit lending requests are treated confidentially and on an individual basis. Engage with us by phone or online so we can advise how we may be able to assist you.

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We provide a self-service Equipment Finance Repayment Calculator for your free use, to assist in the planning phases of your lawnmower purchase. The calculator allows you to enter data around as many mowers as you’re considering and instantly see a repayment estimate for those loan specifications. Vary the balloon and loan term to see how the repayments change and calculate repayments based on the different interest rates for our loan products.

It’s easy, it’s free to use (gotta love that) and it’s available right here right now!

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Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
Jade Equipment Finance 6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Unsecured 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Secured 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Overdraft - Non Bank 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Chattel Mortgage 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Operating Leases 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Equipment Finance
6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Unsecured
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Secured
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Overdraft - Non Bank
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Chattel Mortgage
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Operating Leases
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

We work harder to secure the best rates.

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In order to provide the best experience, your details are saved on our secure server as you enter them.

Heavy Machinery Financing FAQs

Investing in new items of heavy machinery can be a significant acquisition for many operations and deserves detailed consideration of every element of the finance process. We have attempted to provide extensive detail around our loan products and our services throughout our website but acknowledge that some people will have their own specific questions to be answered. If we haven’t addressed your questions in this section, please reach out to us on 1300 000 003 to speak with one of our consultants.

  • There are no particular restrictions or stipulations in regard to the type or brand of machinery that can be financed or the industry in which the machinery will be used. While the term heavy machinery is generally used in reference to heavy duty equipment for construction and earthmoving operations, that definition is not limited. Loans are provided for construction and building machinery, road building machines, mining and energy generation plant equipment, excavation equipment, waste disposal equipment, manufacturing and processing machinery, bulk handling equipment, farming and agricultural machinery, cranes and many more.

  • Yes. All secured equipment finance and loan agreements will require the borrower to take out a comprehensive insurance policy on the equipment and keep that policy current over the full term of the loan. When taking out finance, the lender will require details of the insurer and the policy to note in their records. They will require confirmation each year that the insurance policy has been renewed.  In addition to purchase finance, you may like to consider Insurance Premium Finance which allows businesses to spread the premiums over a number of instalments per year and help manage cashflow.

  • Yes certainly. Pre-approved finance is available across the full loan portfolio and across all types of machinery. A pre-approved loan can be a smart move for all types of purchases but can be especially helpful when buying at auction. The loan is arranged based on an estimate of the amount you intend to bid at auction. The loan is quoted and on acceptance of the quote, the application is processed through to the approval stage. These stages are all obligation-free so you are under no commitment to proceed should be the under bidder at the auction. Pre-approved loans are valid for a set time period which you will be advised at the time of organising.

  • When it comes to heavy machinery finance there is no good, better, best option based purely on the features and benefits of that loan product. The best finance type is the one that best suits your business set-up, and your approach to tax and balance sheet and addresses your financial objectives. Chattel Mortgage, CHP, Leasing and Rent to Own differ in regard to their treatment of GST, tax deductions and their suitability to either the cash or accruals method of accounting. The interest rate may vary for each loan type and you can review the interest rates we are achieving across the loan portfolio. The interest rate is just one component, albeit a very important component, of a loan. All aspects especially the tax benefit to be derived, should be assessed in deciding which loan product is the optimum for your business and the machinery being acquired which is best to discuss these issues with your accountant. There is no maximum limit on machinery finance so the price tag is no issue for most lenders.