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Enter the loan amount and loan term on our easy to use equipment finance calculator to compare the monthly equipment loan repayments from over 80+ lenders in Australia. Comparing various equipment loans to help you see how much you can save from each lender.

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Why Use Jade Equipment Loans?

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Cheap equipment loan interest rates

With our superior negotiating skills, our strong bargaining power across multiple lenders and our determination to deliver the best deals for our customers. We work in your best interests to get you the best rates.
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Using Jade is the right decision

We prioritise your interests, not shareholders or financial targets. As an established Australian-owned company, we bring extensive expertise to provide practical financial solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our licensed consultants are dedicated professionals who guide you through the loan process, empowering you with information and excellent deals. We believe credit should enhance, not burden, your business, ensuring every loan offer is a beneficial solution for your success.
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A company that delivers

Whatever industry you operate in, whatever equipment, plant and machinery you need to run your business, Jade can assist with finance. We have expertise in Truck and trailer, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil, Commercial Marine, IT and computers, Office, Medical Finance, Manufacturing, Industrial Plant and many more.
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Streamlined Process

Health, fitness and wellness is a burgeoning industry and customers are pushing service providers and operators to constantly deliver outstanding results. It’s a pressure game and a demanding industry. To keep your customers fit and healthy, you need to ensure your own business is in good financial shape with gym equipment loans that – work out!

Through repetition and consistency, you achieve fitness results. The same applies to finance. Jade is a long-term operator in the equipment finance Australia industry and consistently delivers results for customers across many sectors.

With the right network of connections, experience and expertise, supported with technical resources, we have streamlined our commercial loan application and processing procedures to ensure fast approvals and prompt finalisation.

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Fitness Excellence Starts Here

Just as you tailor programs for your clients, Jade will tailor an equipment finance deal to specifically target your finance goals. All our gym equipment loan deals start with the basics – our trademark low interest rates. From there we work up a finance deal with monthly repayments and residuals to suit your business structure, cash flow and projections.

As finance brokers, we have the flexibility and experience to handle even the most complex gym equipment loans without having to meet many of the stringent requirements demanded by the banks. Just as using a professional trainer can help clients achieve more than when they attempt to do it themselves, using a professional finance broker has significant advantages to seeking finance on your own.

We’re working for you and only you and provide a level of personalised service that is greatly appreciated by a fitness industry devoted to individual results for their customers.


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Free Loan Repayment Calculator

Using this online free calculator is based on the person’s knowledge as well as acknowledgment that the outcome/estimate showed does not illustrate a loan quote; it does not suggest an application for any financing has been lodged; it is not an indicator that any kind of financing application has been approved. The formatting of this tool does not enable specific details relating to any kind of specific personal financing application or any lender fees and charges. It is formatted to supply a basic outcome based upon basic information as well as values solely.


After lodging a formal loans application, the quote as well as payment totals that you may be supplied might vary from the loan quote calculated by this tool.


The tool is not appropriate for estimations on funding that are established on a passion only basis. The formatting is purely set up to compound the calculated interest rate for a chosen period based upon the amounts entered by the customer.


The calculator is not intended as a device for financial decision making. Individuals that require financial advice need to choose a professional economic consultant in regard to their circumstances. To apply for financing and obtain a quote based upon your personal requirements, the individual should speak to Jade and also have their individual application assessed by among our Jade professionals.

Jade Equipment Finance provides exceptional loans for the purchase of equipment for cardio and strength training, weights, elliptical trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, Pilates machines, cross-trainers and to invest in the latest tech. We also work with personal trainers to set them up with all the equipment they require for their outdoor sessions.

If you’re looking to expand, upgrade or replace your gym equipment with new or used machines, Jade Equipment Finance is committed to the financial health of your business

Speak with a Jade Consultant to discuss a financing solution for your gym equipment purchase. Call 1300 000 003.

Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
Jade Equipment Finance 6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Unsecured 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Secured 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Overdraft - Non Bank 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Chattel Mortgage 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Operating Leases 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Equipment Finance
6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Unsecured
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Secured
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Overdraft - Non Bank
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Chattel Mortgage
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Operating Leases
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

We work harder to secure the best rates.

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