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Heavy machinery can be financed through a number of the loan products offered by Jade. Use this reference table to quickly compare interest rates that we are achieving on our different finance products. Enter your loan amount and the term you would like for your loan to see a repayment estimate based on the interest rates as indicated. Contact us for a firm quote.

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Why Use Jade Equipment Loans?

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Cheap equipment loan interest rates

With our superior negotiating skills, our strong bargaining power across multiple lenders and our determination to deliver the best deals for our customers. We work in your best interests to get you the best rates.
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We prioritise your interests, not shareholders or financial targets. As an established Australian-owned company, we bring extensive expertise to provide practical financial solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our licensed consultants are dedicated professionals who guide you through the loan process, empowering you with information and excellent deals. We believe credit should enhance, not burden, your business, ensuring every loan offer is a beneficial solution for your success.
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A company that delivers

Whatever industry you operate in, whatever equipment, plant and machinery you need to run your business, Jade can assist with finance. We have expertise in Truck and trailer, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil, Commercial Marine, IT and computers, Office, Medical Finance, Manufacturing, Industrial Plant and many more.
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Macquarie Equipment Finance

In order to provide our diverse customers with specifically targeted lending, we attain accreditation with a vast and varied selection of lending providers. Our lending panel consists of the major Australian banks, smaller banks, specialist banks and many non-bank lending providers. Macquarie Bank is one of our most well-known and highly respected lending providers.

Jade works primarily with the equipment finance arm of Macquarie Bank to secure funding for our customers on a tailored and bespoke basis. The provision of bespoke loan solutions is a key defining aspect that differentiates Macquarie from many other lenders.

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Securing Finance through Macquarie Bank

We greatly value our accreditation with Macquarie as it provides our clients with access to tailored and structured asset lending from a specialist provider. When engaging Jade to source financing commercial products, our customers can nominate their lender of choice for us to contact or leave it to our consultants to cover off across our lender panel to source the most suitable deal.

In regards to sourcing quotes for lending, we assess the options available in regard to a number of key factors including cheap equipment finance interest rates available, best match to our customer’s equipment or industry and flexibility to tailor a finance package to meet specific requirements.

As we have direct industry level connections with Macquarie, our consultants can save our customers time and trouble in sourcing finance and streamline and expedite the process. We will handle all aspects of the deal on your behalf and contribute our own financial skills and expertise to the process.

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Finance Provider Profile

Macquarie Bank is an Australian financial services group that is well known and regarded for wealth management but operates across many sectors of financing. These include business and retail banking services, commodities trading, leasing and lending for assets, investment banking in 31 global markets.

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The bank provides services directly to both private and business clients and through industry channels and brokers such as Jade. Macquarie’s approach to loans for equipment is very much aligned with Jade in that we both work towards securing a tailored solution to specifically meet the customer’s requirements.

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Macquarie provides services to all levels of businesses, from sole practitioners through to the largest corporations. The company is renowned for structured large scale projects with a focus on aviation, healthcare, technology, energy, manufacturing and mining.

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Financial solutions can be structured to meet production and construction timeframes and are available with a full range of commercial lending facilities including Equipment Loans, Operating and Equipment LeasingCHP and bespoke business loans.

Significance of Specialist Providers

While lending is available through many lenders, including the easily accessible major Australian banks, having access through accreditation with specialist lenders such as Macquarie is a significant plus in sourcing the best deals for our customers.


Lending providers that specialise in a particular industry or sector or in the provision of funding for specific projects or equipment, can have greater knowledge and understanding of the needs of our customers in that area. An understanding which builds confidence to offer highly competitive and competitive interest rates and more flexible terms and conditions.


Macquarie Equipment Finance is one of our specialist lenders with key capabilities in the asset and lending equipment sector.


To request a quote from Macquarie Equipment Finance, simply contact 1300 000 003 and one of our consultants will assist you.

Machinery Finance Calculator

The use of this calculator is predicated on the end user’s awareness and also acceptance that the estimated repayments displayed does not indicate a loan quote; it does not suggest an application for any finace has been lodged; it is not an indication that any kind of financing application has actually been approved. The format of this device does not take into account particular information relating to any kind of certain individual loan application or any kind of lending institution fees as well as charges. It is formatted to provide a basic outcome based on general information and values only.


After lodging a formal loan application, the quote as well as payment amounts that you may likely be supplied may differ from the estimate determined by this device.


The gadget is not ideal for calculations on lendings that are developed on a rate of interest just basis. The formatting is totally established to compound the calculated interest rate for a chosen time period based upon the amounts typed in by the individual.


The calculator is not meant as a device for financial decision-making. Individuals that require finance advice ought to choose a specialist financial consultant in relation to their personal circumstances. To apply for lending as well as acquire a quote based on your individual requirements, the individual must contact Jade and have their personal application reviewed by one of our Jade professionals.

Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
Jade Equipment Finance 6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Unsecured 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Secured 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Overdraft - Non Bank 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Chattel Mortgage 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Operating Leases 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Equipment Finance
6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Unsecured
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Secured
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Overdraft - Non Bank
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Chattel Mortgage
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Operating Leases
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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Macquarie Equipment Finance FAQs

Macquarie Finance is a very well-known financial institution that is active in both banking and lending across many sectors. Businesses that have not applied to this type of lender may have queries around the loans offered and the process involved. We have addressed a number of questions and invite you to contact us to discuss what offers we can source for you through Macquarie.

  • All types and sizes of businesses are welcome to make an application for finance to Macquarie Equipment Finance. Through their business banking arm, Macquarie offers a wide range of lending and deposit services and solutions for many businesses. These include sole traders, SMEs, sole practitioners and large corporations. Services are offered to businesses via finance brokers, advisors and direct. Macquarie engages with customers, whether they be brokers or direct, via relationship managers which provide a direct channel to services. When using a broker to source lending through Macquarie, the broker will typically engage through industry channels to source offers on behalf of clients.

  • As a global financial services group, Macquarie currently operates in 31 different markets around the world. The bank has a broad scope in providing equipment finance across many industries. The approach is defined as bespoke, so each application is addressed individually and an individual solution is developed. Industries of particular mention by Macquarie include healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, mining, technology and energy. In addition to equipment, the lender also provides lending for vehicle purchases.

  • Macquarie Equipment Finance does not display interest rates on its website as many other banks, brokers and lenders do. In order to know exactly what interest rate is achievable on a loan from this lender, a business would need to request a quote via their broker or directly. Macquarie is extremely competitive in the equipment lending sector across a diverse scope of industries. Interest rates vary across lenders and across the different types of loan products and equipment. For the purposes of budgeting or to gauge what interest rate you may be offered, refer to the interest rate comparison chart on this website.

  • A specific quote would need to be requested through a finance broker or lender in order to attain an exact repayment amount for a specific equipment loan. Estimates however can easily be calculated using an equipment finance calculator. These calculators are online devices that allow businesses to generate repayment estimates on any number of items of equipment they are considering. No great skill is required. Users only need to type in the amount they want for their loan, the term they would prefer, the amount of any balloon/residual and the current interest rate being displayed by that lender for the lending product preferred. As the interest rate varies on loan types, to compare repayments on different products refer to an interest rate comparison calculator.

  • Macquarie Equipment Finance is part of the global Macquarie Group. A financial services group offering retail and business banking services including lending, transactional accounts, wealth management and other services. In the equipment finance area, Macquarie focuses on developing bespoke solutions for customers. The asset acquisition loan products offered will be in line with other lenders and include Chattel Mortgage or Equipment Loan, different types of Leasing finance and Hire Purchase. In selecting which type of lending is best suited for their business and their purpose, businesses should consult with their accountant. Loan products have varying features and benefits in regard to accounting measures and tax benefits and an accountant is best placed to address these issues.