ANZ Equipment Finance & Many Other Lenders from a Single Source

When acquiring new equipment one of the major challenges for business owners is finding the time to source the cheapest equipment finance. Identifying lenders that offer the cheapest rates in your industry, making contact, going through the quotation process multiple times and then making sense of the quotes to suss out the best option that suits your requirements. It’s all time-consuming and demanding. The major banks – CBA, NAB, Westpac and ANZ equipment finance can be easily contactable and competitive in many instances.

But in addition to these Big 4 banks is a myriad of other highly competitive non-bank lenders. Many of these non-bank and specialist lenders are not readily available directly to customers but operate through a specially selected group of finance brokers.

Imagine the time you could save by having access to a large number of leading equipment finance lenders by just making the one contact. It is possible and many business operators have long realised the benefits of using a finance broker to source their finance requirements.

A broker-style lender, Jade Equipment Finance works with and for business owners to solve the time and hassle issues of sourcing the cheapest equipment finance. Access to specialist non-bank lenders and CBA, Westpac, NAB and ANZ equipment finance and expertise to source cheap rates is provided by Jade Equipment Finance.

If you’ve never considered the option of using the expert services of a broker-style lender to source your equipment finance, now could be an extremely opportune time to start. Over the past two years interest rates have been at record lows. But as the RBA rolls back the monetary support provided during the pandemic, rates are on the rise. And all those small incremental rises been higher equipment finance rates and higher repayments. All taking another bite out of the bottom line.

With further rate rises ahead, now it is more important than ever to achieve the cheapest interest rates on equipment finance and that may be achieved with access to a multitude of lenders through Jade Equipment Finance.

Working with Us

Jade Equipment Finance has accreditation with over 40 banks and lenders. So one call or online contact with us and access to an extensive selection of equipment finance lenders is opened. Working with us is a streamlined and straightforward experience which can reap many rewards.

When contacting us with your finance requirements, you will be assigned a fully-trained consultant who will be your single point of contact through the process. After listening to your requirements and taking your brief, your consultant will proceed to source the cheapest quote from across our lender panel. A quote that is negotiated to as close as possible meet your individual requirements.

There is no obligation to proceed at this stage. But on approval and acceptance of our quote, your consultant proceeds to process the application and continues through to settlement. We’ll even liaise between our lender and the equipment seller to finalise the purchase.

All saving you time, hassles and the frustration which can be associated with sourcing cheaper equipment finance. While we will cover off on many lenders in sourcing finance, if a business has specific reasons for wanting finance through their bank then our consultant can handle that on their behalf. If you CBA, Westpac, NAB or ANZ equipment finance is specifically requested, we will oblige as we are accredited with all four major banks.

Services to Suit all Types of Businesses

All types and sizes of operations can use our broker-style services to secure equipment finance. This includes the smallest micro businesses, SMEs, family operations, partnerships and large corporations.

You don’t have to hold an account with a particular bank such as ANZ in order to be eligible to apply to that lender for equipment finance. The banks must adhere to their guidelines regardless of whether the application is from an existing or new customer.

Existing customers may save some time as their ID would have already been verified when issuing their customer number.

Complete Portfolio of Equipment Finance Products

ANZ equipment finance along with the other banks and many other lenders including Jade provide a comprehensive range of finance products for the purchase of plant, machinery and equipment.

Our selection includes:

  • Chattel Mortgage which some banks refer to as Equipment Loan for simplicity
  • Leasing
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Rent to Own

Accessibility to Specialist Finance – Low Docs and No Doc

While major banks including ANZ equipment finance can offer competitive loans for well-established businesses, their guidelines may preclude those just starting out. Some lenders, especially the major banks may include a minimum trading period to be eligible for business finance and the requirement to provide extensive financial documentation.

Business just commencing operations or which have only been in business for a short period, may not have all the required financial records. That is another way that working with us is of great benefit.

We are accredited with non-bank lenders that offer Low Docs and No Doc Equipment Finance. Cost-effective finance can be sourced at competitive rates for this type of business.

Lender Interest Rate Comparisons

ANZ equipment finance rates and those of other banks can be previewed at their websites. But it should be noted that the best rates advertised typically apply to business operators with a good credit profile and for new goods.

It can be challenging or even impossible for business owners to negotiate directly with the large banks in regard to achieving a lower interest rate than offered. The guidelines and regulations that banks operate under must be acknowledged and respected.

When applying for finance through Jade, you have the advantage of your consultant having industry level contacts with large lenders and access to non-bank lenders that can be more flexible. Your consultant will negotiate on your behalf, using our extensive bargaining power to achieve the cheapest interest rate.

When it’s time for equipment finance, business owners can save time and increase their prospects of cheaper loans by accessing ANZ equipment finance and many other lenders simply by contacting us.

Contact Jade Equipment Finance on 1300 000 003 for quotes on ANZ equipment finance and access to a large choice of other lenders.