Business Support for COVID-19 Recovery

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Jade Equipment Finance has been operating ‘as usual’ to assist businesses navigate their way through the crisis. As restrictions on both the lending front and the government front are being eased, we’re looking to increase that level of support with both great equipment finance deals and information to keep you across a range of issues.

We’ve been buoyed by the easing of lending restrictions by some of our accredited lenders which puts us in an even better position to secure equipment loans for a wide range of businesses, including those with no docs equipment finance or low docs.

The speed at which this scenario unfolded, especially in economic terms, has been so rapid and so unexpected that it’s been a challenge just to keep up with what’s happening. It caught everyone off-guard. Who could have even imagined that an Australian government would close borders, order businesses to close and the majority of the population to stay home?

But it happened and throughout the unfolding scenario we’ve been continually warned that ‘it’ won’t be the same ‘on the other side of the bridge’. This messaging can create confusion especially for businesses that are keen to get back into full operation and production. But will the ‘new normal look like?

As the curve flattens, a sense of complacency has edged into the community but may also be edging into business. Governments are stumped up with billions of dollars in stimulus and support measures. But smart business owners know that they cannot rely on or depend on a continuation of hand-outs to solve every problem.

Complacency is now one of business’ worst enemies and ‘doing nothing’ comes in a close second.
We want our Jade Equipment Finance customers to lead the way through recovery by forging and shaping their own ‘new normal’ by being well-positioned to capture and create business opportunities. To do this, you need to ensure you’re taking action now. The crisis hit fast and left everyone in its wake. We don’t want you to be behind the recovery curve.

To ensure your business is prepared, speak with us about your equipment finance requirements.

IT Requirements

Many companies have moved to or increased their online presence during the lockdown or are considering doing so. Many have more employees working from home and this could shape their new normal.

Both these elements put pressure on your IT systems. The increased demands of online purchasing, having a robust and secure system to process online payments, and conducting meetings and client contact via Zoom, Skype and other systems all expose flaws in existing IT systems.

Our IT equipment finance services include loans for upgrades of IT systems including your website, software and hardware. For tangible acquisitions Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and CHP are available. For investments such as websites and other marketing resources talk to our consultants about business loans, non-bank lender overdrafts and other options.

Construction Equipment

Infrastructure and construction is set to drive the recovery phase so civil works and other operators will be looking for the release of tenders and other offers to bid on. In order to boost your proposal and your prospects, you may need to invest in new equipment.

We provide extensive range from heavy machinery loans, and earthmoving equipment finance required for the construction, mining and building sectors.

Workplace Fit-out and Furniture

The Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, has said that many of the social distancing guidelines will be a part of our lives permanently. That is, both the 1.5m distance rule and the 4 square metres per person capacity rule as well as good hand hygiene.

This is posing challenges for workplaces that currently do not meet those guidelines. Open plan spaces may need to be re-configured with investment in a new fit-out so you can get your staff back to work in a safe environment.

Some manufacturers are working on creating zones within their warehouses, factories and other facilities to comply with the guidelines. This may involve installing new facilities within the zones – lunchrooms, and bathrooms etc, to make them self-sufficient so workers can complete their entire shift in that one zone.

Jade Equipment Finance provides finance deals for workplace fit out furniture and equipment finance so please give us a call to discuss your plans.

Equipment Manufacturing Pivots

Companies that pivoted to manufacturing a different product during the coronavirus crisis are seeing opportunities to continue operations in these new markets as well as resuming previous production at the same time. Hand sanitiser appears to be a product that is here to stay as will be shields and dividers to protect especially retail workers in the workplace.

Now might be the time to think about expanding your capabilities with new plant and machinery equipment so give us a call so we can get moving on your finance requirements.

These are just a few of the ideas to start you thinking about how an investment in equipment can set your business up to shape your new normal. We’ll be bringing you more ideas to inspire and motivate so stay tuned to our blogs.

For all your equipment finance requirements our Jade Equipment Finance consultants are ready to support you so please give us a call 1300 000 003