Cheap Finance for Equipment Innovations

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of the way we work and conduct business. The impacts of the crisis on the economy will be playing out for some time to come. Both governments and industry are implementing plans to get the country on the road to recovery and investing in innovation is in the conversation.

Smart business operators are implementing their own plans and not waiting for governments to bail them out completely. Many are looking at what innovations they can incorporate into their operations to boost production and productivity and grow their operations with manufacturing equipment financing.

To motivate and inspire business, there’s a look back into history which reveals numerous examples of businesses that invented, developed and released new products during or just after the 1930s depression. Think Jaffas, Milo, Heinz baked beans and Australia’s first milk bar which all emerged in the 30s and were considered key innovations for their time.

The widely known definition of innovation is in reference to high tech start-ups and processes that require significant research and development. But the more contemporary interpretation is accepted as new ways of working, new process, pivoting, diversifying, resetting – whatever new impetus you can inject into your operation.

That may mean investing in new equipment, in new systems or simply changing the way you conduct business. Whatever innovation or change you decide will work for your business, Jade Equipment Finance is the equipment financing broker that is ready to work with you to make it happen.

Cheap Equipment Finance

If you’re pivoting or diversifying into new sectors, Jade Equipment Finance can assist with cheap equipment finance for the purchase of a wide range of equipment. Possibly moving further into construction to take advantage of infrastructure projects and need different types of equipment to handle new contracts.

While there is still doubt cast over what the ‘new normal’ will look, it is highly likely restrictions will be in place until a vaccine is available or the country considered COVID-19-free. Smart businesses will be assessing their market landscape and predicting where they see opportunities in the current, changed environment.

Jade provides cheap equipment finance for a wide range of equipment types across all industries. Manufacturing, construction, resources and mining, medical and health, fitness, aviation and many more.

We provide the full range of commercial finance products for equipment purchases including:-

To expedite your purchase or to allow you to budget the purchase into your forecast, discuss pre-approved finance with your Jade consultant.

Finance for Processes and Systems

Your innovation may involve updating or upgrading your internal business systems. This may include IT, communications, production or accounts. COVID-19 has led to a big move to contactless payments and transactions with many businesses needing to change their business systems.

The lockdown sent many employees home to work which created security concerns for companies and the need to strengthen their IT networks.

If you need to upgrade any of your internal company processes and systems with new equipment, contact Jade Equipment Finance to discuss a cheap equipment loan whether you need large or small business equipment loaning.

Changing Your Financing Habits

Innovation doesn’t have to mean investing in an actual piece of equipment. It may mean changing your ways and adopting more innovative or just better ways of running your business.

That may apply to the way you go about sourcing your finance for equipment. If you’ve always just contacted your bank and handled the entire process yourself, now could be the right time to change that by using the services of a finance broker – Jade Equipment Finance.

We offer many advantages over sourcing your own finance including:-

  • Having access to a large number of banks and lenders including lenders that specialise in equipment finance. Lenders that you may not have considered or you may not have access to.
  • Sourcing the cheapest equipment loan rates and being able to negotiate the best terms and conditions.
  • Saving you time and hassle, especially when it comes to handling the paperwork.
  • We have the bargaining power to negotiate a better deal.
  • We can handle loans with your own bank if you have reasons for wanting to go with your bank.

Whatever innovation you decide to implement to boost your business through the coronavirus recovery, Jade Equipment Finance can assist with cheap loans for your asset acquisitions.

Contact Jade Equipment Finance 1300 000 003 and discuss your ideas with one of our highly trained consultants.