Hitachi Machinery Loans

Globally, Hitachi is one of the best known and highly respected manufacturers of machinery for many industries. The company is renowned for its engineering capability and excellence and is an international supplier of leading-edge machinery.

What Does Hitachi Make

Hitachi manufactures equipment and machinery for the agricultural sector, air conditioning, healthcare, industrial equipment, air compressors, chain hoists, information technology systems, mining and construction industries and general business equipment.

Particularly dominant in the Australian mining, construction, quarrying, forestry and recycling industries, the Hitachi name appears at many Jade customers’ work sites, factories and facilities.

Jade Equipment Finance

Jade Equipment Finance shares the key Hitachi benefits of achieving low costs and better flexibility in providing lower cost, more flexible finance packages for customers purchasing Hitachi equipment.

Finance for Hitachi Machinery

Jade provides the full range of commercial equipment loan products for the purchase of Hitachi machinery: Chattel Mortgage, Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), Machinery Leasing and Rental. The decision as to which finance facility is best for your business is based not necessarily on the machinery but on your business. More specifically your accounting method, tax and GST treatment and balance sheet approach. Speak with your accountant to make this decision.

Equipment Finance Brokers

As professional equipment finance brokers, your Jade consultant will structure a finance package, specifically targeted towards you achieving the ROI and productivity goals you are expecting from your Hitachi purchase.

We have a very large customer base, which includes Hitachi equipment purchasers, so our consultants are familiar with the manufacturer and their range of machinery. We work with Hitachi buyers through financing forestry and logging machinery, and loaning construction and mining equipment, along with our business operations in other sectors.

New and Used Machinery Finance

Hitachi machinery is engineered to the highest standards of excellence and its reputation for long-life is exceptional. But many companies still choose to regularly upgrade, leaving a strong used market for Hitachi equipment.

Jade provides finance for both new and used Hitachi equipment purchases. This includes purchases made through authorised dealers, from a private seller, another business or at auction. Your consultant can liaise with the seller to expedite the purchase process.

If you plan to buy at auction, discuss pre-approved finance with your Jade consultant. This will involve sourcing you a quote and having your application approved before you actually purchase the equipment. Knowing your finance is approved provides confidence when bidding at auction and expedites the settlement time.

Cheap Interest Rates, Fixed Terms

Our Jade policy of cheap equipment loans interest rates applies to all Hitachi machinery quotes that we source. So you are assured that the finance offer we present you, is the cheapest available. A deal that will work with your cash flow to assist you realise the ROI on your Hitachi that you expect.

Speak with a Jade Equipment Finance Consultant to discuss a financing solution for Hitachi machinery. Call 1300 000 003