Start-Up Saviour: ABN-only Equipment Loans

There is nothing more deflating and demoralising than committing to the major decision to head out on your own, start your own business, and exchange employee status for the freedom of being a contractor only to have your plans cruelled by being unable to secure a loan for the equipment you require for your work.

When starting a new business, many people will head straight to the bank to set up their bank accounts and enquire about credit and loans to purchase the equipment required. But the banks have strict guidelines and requirements in regard to business loans and those guidelines have been tightened significantly in recent times.

As a finance broker, Jade Equipment Finance has a large lender panels which includes non-bank lenders that offer more specialised loans including the topic of this blog – ABN-only Equipment Loans. The veritable saviour for many start-ups and new business operations.


  • An ABN-only loan is in the same loan type category as no docs and low docs loans.
  • An ABN is essential as is extensive proof of ID
  • GST status: you need to advise if your ABN/business is registered or not registered for GST. ABN holders that are not registered for GST may attract stricter conditions on their loan, a higher interest rate.
  • The more docs, as in financial information and accounts, that you can provide, the better your application will be viewed. This may include bank statements, BAS docs or even basic trading accounts which you have prepared yourself.
  • This is considered a higher risk type of loan and therefore will attract a higher interest rate than a comparable loan with full documentation.
  • While the equipment being purchased is used as security against the loan, especially in the case of new ABN holders, if no other form of security is available, some lenders will require a larger deposit be paid.

Equipment Loan Eligibility

Jade Equipment Loans provides finance for a wide range of equipment in all industry sectors including:

And many more – refer to our individual web pages for details of the equipment that Jade finances in your sector.

A wide range of people may find themselves in the market for a Jade ABN equipment loan:-

  • Web designers and IT consultants setting up their own freelance business and needing the hardware and software equipment
  • Tradies moving to contractor status or setting up their own business needing their own tools and equipment
  • Contractors in general business roles requiring office fit-out and other business equipment
  • Creatives and craftspeople transitioning from a hobby or side-hack style business to a formal structure
  • Medical and health professionals including doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and other therapist requiring equipment to establish their own surgery
  • Construction and building industry contractors needing, say, a backhoe or digger to get started
  • Personal trainers ready to set up their own fitness operations
  • Gyms requiring more weights and seats for example, requiring gym equipment financing
  • Chefs and hospitality operators setting up a café or catering business
  • Beauty therapists and hairdressers

There is quite a growing trend for many people to set up as contractors to take on extra work or to branch out and start their own businesses in many fields and most will need some form of equipment or machinery as their tools of trade. So this list could go on and on!

You’ve got your plans, sometimes dreams, so get your ABN and then you need the financial backing in an affordable equipment loan to bring it all together. To discuss if you would be eligible for an ABN equipment loan, just give Jade a call.

Each application is treated individually and has its own unique characteristics so we cannot give a blanket guarantee in this forum that you will be eligible and successful. But your Jade Equipment Loans consultant will be working hard to achieve a successful outcome for you.

Types of Equipment Loans

While ABN Equipment Loans are a somewhat specialist type of loan, they can be apply to the full range of commercial finance products. Including:

We refer you to our web pages which cover the details of each of these loan types so in consultation with your accountant, you can assess which is most suitable for your particular business model.

Then discuss your requirements with a Jade consultant in full confidence of course.

To discuss an ABN Equipment Loan, contact Jade Equipment Finance on 1300 000 003